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1118 w. marshall st

Okay, I've gotta admit

I really only like hanging out at social gatherings at our house or the outhouse because I'm going through this temporary phase where I like talking to people and having conversations instead of getting drunk and saying 'YO DAWG WASSAPPENIN OH CHILLEN? ME TOO!!!! PEACEEEE"

Outhouse residents, I'm sorry.

i played you wrong.

i take back all the shittalking I did behind your back.

All the horrible things i said about you that I won't even repeat were a mistake.

Especially on the internet, when it was anonymous and you couldn't defend yourselves against the personal attacks,

I take it all back.

All the times when people disagreed with me, then I used superior reasoning skills to win them over and convince them that I was right about you and they were wrong to defend you,

In fact, I was wrong, all along.

I luv u guyz.

p.s. jenn sorry I logged you out / forgot to give your computer back. i still got it.
p.p.s. goddamn
p.p.s.s. whos going to diversity tomorrow to get ready for fresh prince party? me, that's who.
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