Hmm! (catchnoplagues) wrote,

consciousness and unconsciousness

I've been waking up at 6 every day, eating breakfast, getting shit done, and wishing there were more hours in the day. This happens once or twice a year and it's the best part of the year, usually.

When I've been out trainhopping or hitchiking, I wake up swaying back and forth with a headache from the sun, wondering why I would force myself to go far, far away, deny myself shelter and food, etc... It doesn't make sense. Then when I get back, despite the fact that I've spent a cumulative total of probably 1 or 2 months doing it, I dream about it more than anything else.

Normal people wouldn't take this as a commentary on the noble savage.
They're probably right.
Either way, I'm trying to go to TIFY Fest in dec, if anyone wants to come htey should.

p.s. Look outside, it's snowing. You can tell Alvin is really in his element because of the way he squints a little bit, like he's looking for something far off in the distance. The thing is a memory of trolling around in the norwegian forests.

Keep looking, buddy.
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