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[26 Apr 2008|04:18am]


I looked at alot of your profiles for the first time ever and I think some of you need all the extra friends you can get, even if it's a fakeout (Jenn and Chelsea, Jenna, Will, I'm looking at you guys)

Anyway, I'm trying to get back into the internet in a big way and this journal is T A P P E D. I need a fresh start.

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[12 Apr 2008|12:57pm]


*running into greg hartmann (dude I knew from high school who used to be a nervous short kid, is now a gay alcoholic ex-con who was forced to join the confederate hammerskins in prison to survive. Spent the whole night buying us tickets, food, and alcohol because he said he had $850,000 OMNIPLEX corporate account in turks in kakos linked to his bank of america card. )

that highlight was so cool that there is really no need for any of the other ones, although there were many cool facets of the evening.

see you guys tonight
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[23 Mar 2008|09:50pm]
For the entirety of Spring Break, I was surrounded by patient, enthusiastic, vibrant people! Now I am back in Richmond, and trying to bring the spirit of positive trajectory and bountiful love back with me. I need your help! I had forgotten that in Richmond, you withdraw from quitting smoking. In Richmond, people steal your music equipment! In Richmond, people believe the rumors that have been spread about you! In Richmond, people are uninterested in hearing you ramble drunkenly about your obsession with the association between different psychological / personality types and various geographical locations, and the subsequent implications of those locations' over-representation in popular culture during different time periods! Not only are they uninterested, but in fact, it inspires blind hatred, ostracism, and bitter derision! (Except for caitlin, who was very receptive, and who it was very good to see again.)

I need your help recreating reality through positive interaction! Get those theta waves pumpin zero point energy til the break of dawn!!! Make sure everyone's on the same page!!! Walk down the street with your eyes closed breathing in and out, feeling yourself gettin bigger than life full of timeless being!!!

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[19 Feb 2008|07:43pm]
[ mood | all futured out ]

I really meant it, sometimes I sit around and laugh at my younger self for being so dumb. Life is a breeze, homies! I want to spit absurdities and bloody teeth in someone's face, stab a mattress, or shoot up coke, but I just can't. I can't get the new soul out of my bones! All the misguided aggression in the world can't cover up the fact that the world is turning to bring us all closer together.

Think of me next time a stranger smiles at you. Hey, I bet it'll be soon!

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[13 Feb 2008|02:04am]
Obama sucks: REALIZE IT.

63% of the parliament of the Church of England predict that the church will be disestablished within a generation.

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[06 Feb 2008|11:58pm]

EVERYONE ADD HER IT'S  overamplified
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[06 Feb 2008|08:47pm]
Damn! I'm getting into consciousness as much as I used to be into unconsciousness.

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[28 Jan 2008|03:32am]
Goddamn if I'm not the biggest insomniac of all fucking time!

Alvin's name has officially been changed to Glover.

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[25 Jan 2008|01:49am]
The coming recession and the sub-prime mortgage crisis was really doing wonders for my sleep schedule. Every night, I read about Collateralized Debt Obligations, derivative securities, and Sovereign Wealth Funds, and I'm usually out in 15 minutes.


I can't sleep so I've decided to rename Alvin, just because it's something to do. Now that he's been around a little while, I feel like I can give him a more fitting title.

List of Unnacceptable Names:

List of Tight Names I wish weren't already taken:

I need time to deliberate.

Ich kann nicht so viel fressen, als ich kotzen moechte.
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everyone is so fucking pumped!!!!!!!
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[03 Jan 2008|07:35am]

holy shit
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[02 Jan 2008|06:50am]
Good Riddance 2007, you stupid fucking bitch! I'm dancing on your fucking grave! Thank God for 2008! I'm burning last year's calendar and going down to the church to have my 2008 Webster's "365 New Words" Page-A-Day calendar consecrated with holy water.

A new spirit of balance, symmetry, and incremental construction courses through the veins of the new year.

When everyone else was staring blankly at the sky during the fireworks, counting in unison, I was looking at the crowds of people pretending everyone was in a cult worshipping Kronos, the god of time.

It wasn't that hard to pretend.

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[27 Dec 2007|09:41pm]
It was only a matter of time before Benazir Bhutto was killed, but it's still a serious, serious tragedy.
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[25 Dec 2007|08:01am]
Oh to be home again
down in Northern Virginia
I'd love to see my very best friends
down in Northern Virginia
I just want to get my feet back on the ground
Oh to be home again

It's been a weird semester / 4 months / college experience / entire life, but being back with loved ones, uncovering information about my mysterious origins, and planning on getting back into the sun for a few days has me all pumped.

Did you know I was an orphan from ages 10 min. to 3 months? I never really thought about it, but i'm starting to think it might have seemed like a big deal at the time.

Anyway I'm about to apply to study abroad in Bulgaria. If I go in the Fall, I'll dip out of Richmond last week of July, spend time with my family in Cape Cod for 2 weeks, then jetset across the atlantic to galavant around asia minor for a month.

Carey's leaving in 4 days and I'm all jealous. Goddamn.
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NOVA RULES!!!!!!!!! [18 Dec 2007|07:23pm]
Goddamn I feel like one million bucks ever since I got on break.
It's awesome to see Andy Brad and Ricardo again.

Last night, I met the president and ate the best damn food ever.
Tomorrow I'm going to work at the restaurant and make money to buy presents for my brother and sister because I never do.
After that, it 's Christmas.
After that, I'm going to Florida to go nuts in the sun.

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[17 Dec 2007|06:11am]
I seriously can't decide whether or not to take a topics class on Thomas Merton with this guy:

It would bump me up to like 18 credits or some shit, but it is, after all, Thomas Merton.

Where's Grace when I need her advice most?
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1118 w. marshall st [15 Dec 2007|12:12am]
[ mood | tall ]

Okay, I've gotta admit

I really only like hanging out at social gatherings at our house or the outhouse because I'm going through this temporary phase where I like talking to people and having conversations instead of getting drunk and saying 'YO DAWG WASSAPPENIN OH CHILLEN? ME TOO!!!! PEACEEEE"

Outhouse residents, I'm sorry.

i played you wrong.

i take back all the shittalking I did behind your back.

All the horrible things i said about you that I won't even repeat were a mistake.

Especially on the internet, when it was anonymous and you couldn't defend yourselves against the personal attacks,

I take it all back.

All the times when people disagreed with me, then I used superior reasoning skills to win them over and convince them that I was right about you and they were wrong to defend you,

In fact, I was wrong, all along.

I luv u guyz.

p.s. jenn sorry I logged you out / forgot to give your computer back. i still got it.
p.p.s. goddamn
p.p.s.s. whos going to diversity tomorrow to get ready for fresh prince party? me, that's who.

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[07 Dec 2007|06:54pm]
omg you remember when people used to make top 10 album lists of 2003 on livejournal?

I wanna do that again but I only know like 4 good albums that came out this year.

pig destroyer
pulling teeth
Epik High

This rules!!!!!!!!!
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consciousness and unconsciousness [05 Dec 2007|09:50am]
I've been waking up at 6 every day, eating breakfast, getting shit done, and wishing there were more hours in the day. This happens once or twice a year and it's the best part of the year, usually.

When I've been out trainhopping or hitchiking, I wake up swaying back and forth with a headache from the sun, wondering why I would force myself to go far, far away, deny myself shelter and food, etc... It doesn't make sense. Then when I get back, despite the fact that I've spent a cumulative total of probably 1 or 2 months doing it, I dream about it more than anything else.

Normal people wouldn't take this as a commentary on the noble savage.
They're probably right.
Either way, I'm trying to go to TIFY Fest in dec, if anyone wants to come htey should.

p.s. Look outside, it's snowing. You can tell Alvin is really in his element because of the way he squints a little bit, like he's looking for something far off in the distance. The thing is a memory of trolling around in the norwegian forests.

Keep looking, buddy.
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The lucidity and direction of the enlightenment thinkers who shaped the rationally enframed modern world came only when a number of factors converged, one of the most tangible of which being the fact that a privileged upper class had the means to satisfy basic physical needs absolutely enough that they could muster up the psychological stability to push boundaries / renaissance (v.) the man / triumph over the thanatotic drive to escape time into the dionysiac primal Oneness.

I am wondering if old person routine seeking is expression of microcosmic impulse to escape burden of consciousness (i.e. existence in time) by retreating to the periodicity of nature.

Recently, I've been feeling the same way, but I can't figure out if it's because I feel older or because I'm just tired alot.

Either way, I wish I could graduate soon. This macrocosmic college community shit is killin me.
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